Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I have always wanted to do a RAOK for a police department... You all know by now, most likely, my love for policemen, LOL

I have been told though, they (understandably) dont take well to things like baskets being delivered like I have done for the fire department.  And honestly, I get it.
I have bought lunch for an officer in line behind me before... but yesterday I realized, hey, I can give them a Starbucks gift card with a thank you.  And that is what I did.

In Rancho Santa Margarita, there is a small subdivision of Orange County Sheriffs Department, by City Hall.  What I didnt realize, was they close at 5pm.  (The office, not the deputies on duty)

I got there at almost 5:30, and crossed my fingers there would be a deputy outside.  And... there was.  (Its my lucky week for that, since it happened at the fire station, too!)

So I gave him this, and said, "Since I think the office is closed, I would like to just give you this and to say thank you..." and he said I just missed it by 2 minutes... looked at me funny, and then read it and said, "Oh... thank you ma'am" and I said, "Thank You" and I went on my way.


  1. I always got soooo nervous when we would deliver stuff to the police department and fire department at Christmas time.

    We always left pre-packaged things from the grocery store (things that were sealed like a box of cookies or a cheese, meat and cracker tray from the deli).

  2. I know, I get the same way. My friend told me his friend said if I dropped anything off even wrapped it probably wouldnt be received well, so I had decided not to do the police station, but then thought you cant really do wrong with a gift card, so I just went for it.