Friday, June 5, 2015

2,015 RAOKs in 2015: #824 - #933

#824 and #825:
Gummy Bears and Kit Kats at Sizzler

#826 and #827:
Made baskets for some friends visiting. 

#828 and #829:

Left a RAOK in Dana Point 

Left a RAOK for our waiter at Hacienda on the lake. 

Left a RAOK for our waiter at Promenade Cafe on the Queen Mary. 

#833 - 845:
Left dog toys at a dog park. 

Returned my shopping cart at Costco

Helped an older woman unload her heavy items into her trunk from her Costco cart

Donated a food bag at Albertsons

Returned my cart at Albertsons

Said bless you in Kohls to a stranger

Held the door open for a stranger

#852 - #933:
I brought in a bunch of snacks for the office

Friday, May 22, 2015

2,015 RAOKs in 2015: #799 - #823

Swedish Fish RAOK at Samurai Sushi


Tootsie Roll RAOK at Sizzler for the waitress

Kit Kat RAOK at Jons Fish Market

Left sidewalk chalk at the park next to my complex

Left 5 RAOKs in a little garden park near home


#805 - #810:
Made some care package bags to keep in the trunk for those who need them.


#811 - #823:
Leaving dog toys at a dog park
(Curious cat wants the toys)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

2,015 RAOKs in 2015: #700 - #798

I saw the Rees Specht site / story on TV, and decided to check out the website and order some pay it forward cards.

Got a gift card at Pavilions to give to another customer and the cashier said they can't do that. Add it to the list of why I dislike that store.  I'll use it elsewhere. 

Left a tip for the Starbucks barista. 

Gave the starbucks barista a RAOK. 

Left a RAOK for the waitress at Broken Yolk

Held the door for a stranger

Returned my shopping cart to the front of the store

Dropped off a trunk load of donations to the Rescue Mission. 

#708 and #709:
Smiled at and held the door open for a stranger... with not even a thank you :)

Gave the woman at Lancome in Macys a RAOK

#711 and #712:
Left two RAOKs in Stein Mart

Left a RAOK for the waiter at Red Robin

Bought a shirt at Old Navy I thought my mentee would like

Smiled at a stranger

Signed up to be a Red Cross Ambassador for June 2nd

The Red Cross will be fundraising #allin1day June 2nd! Join me as a Giving Day Social Ambassador to impact lives!

#718 - #758:
I passed these out to everyone in my office :)

Used Amazon Smile :)

#760 - #789:
Bought some treats for the office

Jolly Ranchers RAOK at work downstairs

Gave some cat treats to a friend for her cat

#792 and #793:
Now and Laters and Tootsie Rolls to the salesmen at OC Mattress in HB when I bought my new mattress

Swedish Fish for the makeup lady at Clinique in Macys

Kit Kat for our waiter at Dennys on Mothers Day

Paid for the lunch of the guy in front of me at Chipotle when he realized he forgot his wallet in the car

#797 and #798:
Peach Rings and Jolly Ranchers at lunch yesterday at First Class Pizza

Thursday, April 30, 2015

2,015 RAOKs in 2015: #682 - #699

Day 3 of the Kindness Challenge:  

Left a RAOK for the waiter at La Hacienda

Left a RAOK for the waitress at Lucilles

Signed up for an app:  Be My Eyes
You can receive video calls where you help a blind person by telling them what is in front of them if they need help.

Day 4 of the Kindness Challenge

Day 5 of the Kindness Challenge

Day 6 of the Kindness Challenge 

Day 7 of the Kindness Challenge 

Day 8 of the Kindness Challenge 

Day 9 of the Kindness Challenge 

#692 and #693:
Gave a RAOK to the two front desk girls at physical therapy

Left a RAOK at Board and Brew

Left a RAOK at Riptide, and the hostess found in, and said it was weird.  

Left a RAOK for a waitress

Left a RAOK for the waitress at Peppinos

#698 and #699:
I noticed a neighbors keys in their mailbox. Car key, house key, everything. Our mailboxes have our apartment numbers on them so I knocked on their door. They didn't answer and I went upstairs. It was bothering me so I went back down. The daughter answered and she went out to get them. 
The girl opened the front door, then closed it and locked it and asked who it was.  When I said my name, she opened it.  She left with her dog, and I think her mom came outside after calling for her.  I think this family needs a lesson in communication and that a child doesnt just run off, she should have gotten her mother, and I feel like I should have asked for her mom.  Oh well.