Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2016 RAOKs: 12th Month, December = 12 ROAKs

RAOK 1 of 12:
Purchased a small pre-made donation bag at Sprouts

RAOK 2 of 12:
Donated a cat stuffed animal at IKEA

RAOK 3 of 12:
Collected clothing for a donation for Christmas for Caritas. 

RAOK 4 of 12:
Donated two toys to Phillys Best for a free Tastykake!

RAOK 5 of 12:
Organized a Yelp UYE Breakfast and donated toys for their pajama brunch!

RAOK 6 of 12:
Complimented a stranger on her "You either love cats... Or you're wrong" sweatshirt.  Made her smile huge.

RAOK 7 of 12:
Left a RAOK for the waitress at Snooze 

RAOK 8 of 12:
Made little gifts for some friends with matching gel covers, wine charms, and a positive poem with earrings.

RAOK 9 of 12:
Passed out some more little Christmas poems with earrings

RAOK 10 of 12:
Left a RAOK for a waitress at Don Joses

RAOK 11 of 12:
Donated some food and toothbrushes to the Irvine Companies collection in the lobby of my office for Second Harvest Food Bank. 

RAOK 12 of 12:
Donated a bag of work clothing to Women Helping Women

Saturday, December 3, 2016

2016 RAOKs: 11th Month, November = 11 ROAKs

RAOK 1 of 11:
Changed 1 light in my house to "Green Light a Vet", showing support for Vets in the community.

RAOK 2 of 11:
Made a donation at Big Lots to help Childrens Hospital.

RAOK 3 of 11:
Saw an older gentleman in his veterans hat on Veterans Day so I complemented his hat and told him happy Veterans Day. His face lit up and he got so excited. 

RAOK 4 of 11:
Donations to Savers!

RAOK 5 of 11:
Purchased a few umbrellas for a rainy day to hand out to people walking, without one.

RAOK 6 of 11:
Purchased a few gift cards for our Military Heroes

RAOK 7 of 11:
Sent out some Thanksgiving cheer

RAOK 8 of 11:
There was a young man with a sign that said "Please Help - Random Act of Kindness" - so I turned back and asked him if he was hungry.  He said no, he had just eaten but was looking to stay in a hotel for the night.  It was cold out, but I just cant give these people money.  He thanked me for offering to buy him food, and I went on my way.

RAOK 9 of 11:
Adopted two children through Caritas for Christmas

RAOK 10 of 11:
Volunteered to shop for the families my work adopted through Caritas for Christmas (and wrap them!)

RAOK 11 of 11:
Donated a bag of clothing

Thursday, November 3, 2016

2016 RAOKs: 10th Month, October = 10 ROAKs

RAOK 1 of 10:
Donated fleece blankets to OC Small Paws Rescue, which is where I adopted Bandit from.

RAOK 2 of 10:
I purchased a couple of items from their list to donate.

RAOK 3 of 10:
I sent a little bookmark to a friend.

RAOK 4 of 10:
Made a donation and participated the 2016 Walk Like MADD 5K in San Diego.

RAOK 5 of 10:
Made little thank you's for those who donated for my MADD walk. 

RAOK 6 of 10:
Made a get well card for my 3 year old Bae, Logan.

RAOK 7 of 10:
Made a few Halloween goodies with tissue packs.

RAOK 8 of 10:
Celebrated Boss's Day

RAOK 9 of 10:
Got a free offer from Shutterfly for some cards and sent them to a few friends. 

RAOK 10 of 10:
Made a donation for breast cancer research 

Did a few extra RAOKs in October as well...

Sent out some cards / goodies to a few friends...

Made a $10 donation to Irvine Police Department towards #pinkpatchproject 

Friday, September 30, 2016

2016 RAOKs: 9th Month, September = 9 ROAKs

RAOK 1 of 9:
Volunteered at Camp Pendleton cleaning barracks for over 1,400 soldiers returning from deployment. 

RAOK 2 of 9:
I went to Old Navy to use a reward I had, and also had Super Cash. I gave the Super Cash to a woman shopping for clothes for her children. 

RAOK 3 of 9:
Handed out three sunflowers in memory of Madison 9/10/16, which would have been her 25th birthday. I gave one to a volunteer at Mission Hospital, one to the front desk gal at an assisted living home, and one to the front desk gal at a hair salon - was trying to go to DaVita Dialysis but it didn't work out. 

RAOK 4 of 9:
Made a donation at Walgreens for Children's Hospital in memory of Madison. 

RAOK 5 of 9:
Handed out a few Starbucks gift cards on 9/11/16 on the San Clemente Pier in memory of those lost on 9/11/01

RAOK 6 of 9:
Donated fleece blankets to Olympiad Animal Hospital. When bandit had his surgery he had a blanket in his cage and I wanted to contribute to that. 

RAOK 7 of 9:
Handed out two Starbucks gift cards to two police women on National Police Woman's Day and told them thank you. 

RAOK 8 of 9:
Dropped off towels (Thank You Rachel) and fleece blankets to the animal shelter. 

RAOK 9 of 9:
Sent a package of love to a friend who sadly had to say goodbye to her cat. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

2016 RAOKs: 8th Month, August = 8 ROAKs

RAOK 1 of 8:
Purchased some scratch-off lotto tickets and handed them out:

RAOK 2 of 8:
Donated a bag of books to one of my doctors that he can use. 

RAOK 3 of 8:
Donated multiple bags of stuff to Goodwill. 

RAOK 4 of 8:
Donated a bag of books to Friends of the RSM Library Bookstore. 

RAOK 5 of 8:
Purchased a few items at Dollar Tree to donate to the military. 

RAOK 6 of 8:
Organized a Private Unofficial Yelp Event and made these goodies for everyone who attended. 

RAOK 7 of 8:
Printed some pictures, and wrote out some cards and gave them to two friends.

RAOK 8 of 8:
Checking out at Gelsons, the checker asked me if the candy I was buying was for him.  So I bought him one too!

Monday, August 1, 2016

2016 RAOKs: 7th Month, July = 7 ROAKs

RAOK 1 of 7:
Walked into a business near work and handed out a smile to a very snarky recipient. Maybe one day people will appreciate kindness. I'll keep trying. 

RAOK 2 of 7:
Bought gift cards to say Thank You to Police Officers. (Now I just need to run into some - I haven't seen any!)

RAOK 3 of 7:
This is small, but I told a woman in the restroom her skirt was tucked up in the back so she didn't go back into her office like that. 

RAOK 4 of 7:
Bought gift cards to say Thank You to Firemen. This will be hard since they are always in groups and I don't want to leave anyone out but I am going to try to hand them out one at a time. (Also struggling running into Firemen as well). 

RAOK 5 of 7:
Purchased a tank top to support a "Make a Wish". 

RAOK 6 of 7:
Found a cell phone in the parking lot on a walk, took it into a nearby business and they recognized the person - his picture was on his screensaver. She was going to return it when she saw him. 

RAOK 7 of 7:
It's been so hot I left some water and flavored packets in the mailbox at work for the mail lady.