Thursday, October 30, 2014

Kernels of Kindness: Teachers Make a Difference

I put together a little gift bag for a teacher...
A Pin, Water Tumbler, $25 Lakeshore gift card, Apple air freshener from Bath and Body Works and a Thank You note for making a difference.

This gift was given to Emmas preschool teacher.

When I got the picture, it brought tears to my eyes.
Im so glad it went to her.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kernels of Kindness: NEGU Jessie Rees Foundation

I have followed the Jessie Rees Foundation Facebook page for some time now, and what they are doing is WONDERFUL.

I bought some items off of their list of hospital approved items for their Joy Jars, and I contacted Kristy and decided to drop the items off tonight, and I saw the toy factory.  I met Diana and she took me around and showed me everything. 

This place is AMAZING.  It made me overwhelmingly happy and sad at the same time.  It made me so happy because a 12 year old girl with a dream is still, in her memory, sending SO many children with cancer so much support with her Joy Jars.  It made me so sad, because... there are so many children with cancer.  There are so many pictures on the wall that just made my heart sad.  I cant get the picture of the child asleep in their hospital bed with their arm around their Joy Jar out of my head.  This organization is INCREDIBLE and I am so thankful I got to do a little tiny bit to help them out and it makes my heart smile to know I was able to shop and donate items that will make a child with cancer smile one day soon.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Kernels of Kindness: Fullerton Police Department

I hung out with my mentee today, and our first stop was the Fullerton Police Department.  She wants to be a police officer when she is older, so this was awesome for her.

We dropped off a bag of stuffed animals, and a goody bag for an officer with a "We Thank You" coffee tumbler, $25 Starbucks gift card, Police rubber duckies and a note saying Thank You for all you do, and Thank You for making a difference.


Kernels of Kindness: Local Fire Station

As we were driving to the fire station yesterday, an engine left with its lights and siren going...
And my friend and I looked at each other, and just laughed.

It seems a lot of times when we are headed to a fire house to do a RAOK, they leave on a call. We got lucky yesterday and the garage was still open, and there were some firemen outside.  I prefer that, I dont like to ring the doorbell and disturb them, so it worked out perfectly.

One fireman was cleaning the tires on one of the fire engines, so I just sort of stuck my head in, I didnt want to walk into the garage, and said I just wanted to thank you for all you do... and I left the little goodie bag with some fire related candies, firemen rubber duckies, a $25 Starbucks gift card and a note saying Thank You for all you do and went on my way.  :)


Kernels of Kindness: Hoag Hospital Irvine - Emergency Room

I asked around a few months ago for some recommendations of great local nurses, that really make a difference.

I was given the name of a nurse at Hoag Hospital Irvine, named Nikki, and the whole ER Department.

I stopped by yesterday with a cookie tray for the ER department and a little Thank You for Nikki that included a note thanking her for making a difference, some nurse rubber duckies, a Hero in Scrubs pin, Nurses water tumbler and a $25 Starbucks gift card.

The ER was actually empty when we arrived, which I have never seen in an ER anywhere.  As we were walking up, there was a cab waiting outside, and I said, how sad would it be to have to take a cab to or from the hospital.  A male nurse walked out with a patient, who was leaving in the cab.  It actually made me feel really sad.  I just cant imagine.

When I told him the cookies were for the ER just to say thanks, and the bag was for Nikki, he said oh let me go get her!  My heart started racing, because I like to just leave my RAOKs and go, I prefer to be anonymous most of the time...
Another nurse came out and stated she was in a meeting, and I said no problem, and I explained that she didnt know me anyway, and this was just a thank you for everything they do, and I was on my way :)


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Kernels Of Kindness: Saddleback Memorial Hospital Volunteer

This RAOK was a bit challenging...
I thought it would be easier...
Head to a hospital, find a volunteer, and done.


Hoag Hospital in Irvine, didnt have any volunteers today.
We headed to Saddleback Memorial Hospital.
The Womens Center did not have anyone at the desk, and the Volunteer Room was closed, and dark.  We walked through the main hospital, no one.  I was really bummed, and we were on our way out... and we saw a gentleman we had seen when we first walked in....

I stopped him and asked if he was a volunteer.  Sure enough, he was.  His name, is Gary.
This man was so sweet.  He is older, and was telling us he volunteers in the Emergency Room and was going on hour NINE of volunteering.  I gave him the goodie bag, and thanked him for what he does. His face lit up.
He thanked me, and said I made his day.

Really, Gary, YOU made MY day!

In the bag was a Thank You note for making a difference, a water tumbler and pin for Volunteers and a $25 Starbucks card.


Kernels of Kindness: Fountain Valley Police Department

Today I dropped off some stuffed animals and a small package at Fountain Valley Police Department.

The stuffed animals will be used in "Crime Prevention" and Sgt Jose Maldanado will receive a little Thank You when he works next.  The package has a "We Thank You" coffee tumbler, $25 Starbucks gift card, Police related rubber duckies and a card that says Thank You for all you do, and Thank You for making a difference.

The wind wasnt cooperating today, so excuse my hair :)