Saturday, December 3, 2016

2016 RAOKs: 11th Month, November = 11 ROAKs

RAOK 1 of 11:
Changed 1 light in my house to "Green Light a Vet", showing support for Vets in the community.

RAOK 2 of 11:
Made a donation at Big Lots to help Childrens Hospital.

RAOK 3 of 11:
Saw an older gentleman in his veterans hat on Veterans Day so I complemented his hat and told him happy Veterans Day. His face lit up and he got so excited. 

RAOK 4 of 11:
Donations to Savers!

RAOK 5 of 11:
Purchased a few umbrellas for a rainy day to hand out to people walking, without one.

RAOK 6 of 11:
Purchased a few gift cards for our Military Heroes

RAOK 7 of 11:
Sent out some Thanksgiving cheer

RAOK 8 of 11:
There was a young man with a sign that said "Please Help - Random Act of Kindness" - so I turned back and asked him if he was hungry.  He said no, he had just eaten but was looking to stay in a hotel for the night.  It was cold out, but I just cant give these people money.  He thanked me for offering to buy him food, and I went on my way.

RAOK 9 of 11:
Adopted two children through Caritas for Christmas

RAOK 10 of 11:
Volunteered to shop for the families my work adopted through Caritas for Christmas (and wrap them!)

RAOK 11 of 11:
Donated a bag of clothing

Thursday, November 3, 2016

2016 RAOKs: 10th Month, October = 10 ROAKs

RAOK 1 of 10:
Donated fleece blankets to OC Small Paws Rescue, which is where I adopted Bandit from.

RAOK 2 of 10:
I purchased a couple of items from their list to donate.

RAOK 3 of 10:
I sent a little bookmark to a friend.

RAOK 4 of 10:
Made a donation and participated the 2016 Walk Like MADD 5K in San Diego.

RAOK 5 of 10:
Made little thank you's for those who donated for my MADD walk. 

RAOK 6 of 10:
Made a get well card for my 3 year old Bae, Logan.

RAOK 7 of 10:
Made a few Halloween goodies with tissue packs.

RAOK 8 of 10:
Celebrated Boss's Day

RAOK 9 of 10:
Got a free offer from Shutterfly for some cards and sent them to a few friends. 

RAOK 10 of 10:
Made a donation for breast cancer research 

Did a few extra RAOKs in October as well...

Sent out some cards / goodies to a few friends...

Made a $10 donation to Irvine Police Department towards #pinkpatchproject 

Friday, September 30, 2016

2016 RAOKs: 9th Month, September = 9 ROAKs

RAOK 1 of 9:
Volunteered at Camp Pendleton cleaning barracks for over 1,400 soldiers returning from deployment. 

RAOK 2 of 9:
I went to Old Navy to use a reward I had, and also had Super Cash. I gave the Super Cash to a woman shopping for clothes for her children. 

RAOK 3 of 9:
Handed out three sunflowers in memory of Madison 9/10/16, which would have been her 25th birthday. I gave one to a volunteer at Mission Hospital, one to the front desk gal at an assisted living home, and one to the front desk gal at a hair salon - was trying to go to DaVita Dialysis but it didn't work out. 

RAOK 4 of 9:
Made a donation at Walgreens for Children's Hospital in memory of Madison. 

RAOK 5 of 9:
Handed out a few Starbucks gift cards on 9/11/16 on the San Clemente Pier in memory of those lost on 9/11/01

RAOK 6 of 9:
Donated fleece blankets to Olympiad Animal Hospital. When bandit had his surgery he had a blanket in his cage and I wanted to contribute to that. 

RAOK 7 of 9:
Handed out two Starbucks gift cards to two police women on National Police Woman's Day and told them thank you. 

RAOK 8 of 9:
Dropped off towels (Thank You Rachel) and fleece blankets to the animal shelter. 

RAOK 9 of 9:
Sent a package of love to a friend who sadly had to say goodbye to her cat. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

2016 RAOKs: 8th Month, August = 8 ROAKs

RAOK 1 of 8:
Purchased some scratch-off lotto tickets and handed them out:

RAOK 2 of 8:
Donated a bag of books to one of my doctors that he can use. 

RAOK 3 of 8:
Donated multiple bags of stuff to Goodwill. 

RAOK 4 of 8:
Donated a bag of books to Friends of the RSM Library Bookstore. 

RAOK 5 of 8:
Purchased a few items at Dollar Tree to donate to the military. 

RAOK 6 of 8:
Organized a Private Unofficial Yelp Event and made these goodies for everyone who attended. 

RAOK 7 of 8:
Printed some pictures, and wrote out some cards and gave them to two friends.

RAOK 8 of 8:
Checking out at Gelsons, the checker asked me if the candy I was buying was for him.  So I bought him one too!

Monday, August 1, 2016

2016 RAOKs: 7th Month, July = 7 ROAKs

RAOK 1 of 7:
Walked into a business near work and handed out a smile to a very snarky recipient. Maybe one day people will appreciate kindness. I'll keep trying. 

RAOK 2 of 7:
Bought gift cards to say Thank You to Police Officers. (Now I just need to run into some - I haven't seen any!)

RAOK 3 of 7:
This is small, but I told a woman in the restroom her skirt was tucked up in the back so she didn't go back into her office like that. 

RAOK 4 of 7:
Bought gift cards to say Thank You to Firemen. This will be hard since they are always in groups and I don't want to leave anyone out but I am going to try to hand them out one at a time. (Also struggling running into Firemen as well). 

RAOK 5 of 7:
Purchased a tank top to support a "Make a Wish". 

RAOK 6 of 7:
Found a cell phone in the parking lot on a walk, took it into a nearby business and they recognized the person - his picture was on his screensaver. She was going to return it when she saw him. 

RAOK 7 of 7:
It's been so hot I left some water and flavored packets in the mailbox at work for the mail lady. 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

2016 RAOKs: 6th Month, June = 6 ROAKs

June:  6 RAOKs

RAOK 1 of 6:
I made a donation at Carls Jr for our military

RAOK 2 of 6:
Gave a friend a "Hang In There" Goodie bag

RAOK 3 of 6:
Left a note on a guys car letting him know he had a screw in his tire.  He came back before I left, and I told him and he said he knew and if he fixed it he would have to replace all his tires.  No thank you, and was kind of rude.  Oh well!

RAOK 4 of 6:
Donated some older bedding to Petco in Irvine (The Irvine Animal Shelter didnt want it), and through a friend to a Soup Kitchen.  (Don't worry, the cats staying). 

RAOK 5 of 6:
I saw this, and it instantly made me think of a friend, so I bought it for her...

RAOK 6 of 6:
I received a huge care package of safety items, so I sent a friend a care package with a stun gun, a book from my favorite author and some goodies for her grandaughters... Do you like my weak attempt at protecting her identity LOL

Friday, June 3, 2016

2016 RAOKs: 5th Month, May = 5 RAOKs

May:  5 RAOKs

1 of 5:
Bandit and I made Welcome Home signs for OHH, to welcome home deployed marines.

2 of 5:
Collected more donations and went shopping for new sheets and pillows for OHH, for marines returning to the barracks from deployment.

3 of 5:
Purchased four $5 Starbucks gift cards and gave them to four firemen sitting outside, on 5/16/16, in memory of Madison Cornwell

4 of 5:
Contacted Marine Monument and got a list of deployed soldiers from Camp Pendleton and reached out to friends and family, and gave out names and addresses to those who wanted to adopt a marine.

5 of 5:
Taking care of a friends cats