Friday, January 22, 2016

2016 RAOKs: 1st Month, January = 1 RAOK

So, its January 4th and I already have 1 RAOK done for the 1st month. I am sure there will be more to come.

January:  1 RAOK

I was at the post office on my lunch today, mailing out the prize to a contest Bandit had on his Instagram.
(Seriously, my cat has over 2,500 followers on Instagram.  He is way cooler than I am.)

Anyway, the line was huge.  A woman two places behind me said she was in line for ONE STAMP.  I went in my wallet and gave her a stamp.  She offered me the change, I declined and told her it was a Random Act of Kindness.

I stood in that line for 35 minutes.  That would have been absurd for one stamp, so I was glad I could help her!

Monday, January 4, 2016

The plan for RAOKs in 2016...

For 2016 I plan to make the number of RAOKs I do, coincide with the month.

January, 1
February, 2
March, 3

I went big in 2015, and it was fun!

I am having a hard time slowing down from the pressure of doing so many in 2015, so my guess is I will start of with more than 1 in January, since I already did one!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2,015 RAOKs in 2015: #2015!


Volunteered on Christmas Eve donating food to a home of veterans for a Christmas meal. We sang carols and thanked the gentleman in the home for their service. 

Doing 2,015 RAOKs in 2015 was a challenge but I loved doing it!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2,015 RAOKs in 2015: #2001 - #2014

Dropped of some donations to the Olympiad Fire Station


Last year I helped a fireman choose ornaments for their fire stations Christmas tree.  This year I saw a firetruck ornament at Kohls that I gave to a fireman at that station to hang on the tree this year


Collected more donations and went shopping for more sheets and pillows for soldiers returning from deployment at camp Pendleton. 

Got a gift card donation for someone in need who could really use it. 

Said good morning to everyone I saw on a morning hike. 

Gave away one of bandits beds that he doesn't use and some toys to someone with a new kitten. 

Gave a bag of clothing to my parents cleaning woman. 

Donated items to goodwill. 

I ordered dinner through Eat24 on Yelp (which I do NOT recommend ever) and I was not able to leave a tip for the driver from the restaurant. I told him I would bring one by the restaurant. Instead I called and asked for a manager and asked to do it over the phone with my credit card. He created a sale for a penny and added a tip. He thanked me profusely but I was just glad I was able to do that. 

Left a RAOK for our waitress at breakfast on Christmas Eve 

Got a gift card to purchase food for veterans for a meal on Christmas Eve. 

Left a RAOK for our Christmas breakfast waiter 

Donated a few bags to Goodwill

Left a RAOK for our waiter at Farrells

Sunday, December 13, 2015

2,015 RAOKs in 2015: #1973 - #2000

Contacted MADD and asked what they do with the leftover shirts from the Walk Like MADD walks. I asked if I could have them to donate to Operation Help a Hero for marines at Camp Pendleton. I will be getting them in December. 

Said Bless You to a stranger who sneezed. 

Volunteered with We Give Thanks on Thanksgiving

Sent a holiday card to a soldier in Afghanistan


Sent a Christmas card to a little girl asking for holiday cards


Smiled at a stranger


Left a $20 tip for my manicurist for the holidays


Left a $20 tip for my pedicurist for the holidays


Stopped for breakfast this morning and paid for the person behind me


Bought donuts and muffins for the office

Said good morning to everyone I passed on a morning hike 

Collected donations and went shopping for new sheets for soldiers returning from deployment. 

#1985 - #1989:
Purchased Starbucks gift cards to hand out to police officers I see

Made a donation to goodwill

Paid for the person behind me in the drive thru and asked the cashier to tell them Happy Holidays 

Gave a friend a bed of bandits that he doesn't use and a stocking of toys 
Bought some toys at Petsmart and donated them to the cats there

#1995 - #2000:
Made some "Survival Kits for Law Enforcement"

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

2,015 RAOKs in 2015: #1915 - #1972

Made a donation to DARE and got a free toy. 

I turned around and donated that toy. 

Donated some stuffed animals to San Clemente Police Department when I saw their post on Facebook that the station gave out their last one. 

#1918 - #1927:
Gave the deputy that came to pick up the stuffed animals from me 10 RAOKs to take back to the station. 

Thanked the CHP officer that was at the MADD walk in Carlsbad for the work he does daily. He said I made his day. 

Had breakfast in Carlsbad and saw a gentleman eating alone. He looked like a marine so I asked the waitress to find out. When he said yes, I said I wanted to buy his meal and I thanked him for his service. On his way out he introduced himself and thanked us. 

Purchased a toy at Dollar Tree for their military toy drive. 

Let a truck over on the toll road that no one else would let over.

Held the door for a stranger

Returned my cart at the grocery store

Smiled at a stranger

#1935 - #1965:
Donated 31 RAOKs to Tiffany and Chase for Chase to hand out in his class.

Organized a collection drive at work for Operation Help a Hero

Made a $5 donation at Albertsons for meals for military members.


Said bless you to a stranger


Went shopping with donations collected for Operation Help a Hero


Volunteered with Operation Help a Hero cleaning barracks and making welcome home bags for 1300 soldiers returning home from deployment.


Made a donation for marines for thanksgiving at albertsons

Made a donation at Petsmart and donated a cat stuffed animal 

Monday, November 2, 2015

2,015 RAOKs in 2015: #1821- #1914

#1821 - #1825:
Sent out some more Halloween cards

#1826 - #1827:
Gave two RAOKs to coworkers

#1828 - #1887:
Handed out some Halloween goodies

#1888 - #1902:
Donated 15 ROAKs to Tiffany and Chase to hand out

Got a skull pitcher for a friend - we were both looking, they were hard to find. 

Returned my shopping cart

Gave a gift from bandit to a coworker. 

Shared a treat with the office:

Made a small donation to Unicef on a co-workers desk

Volunteered at Camp Pendleton welcoming home over 675 single marines and sailors from deployment.

#1909: Gave a friend a RAOK because I felt bad for having a stinky attitude.


Left a RAOK for a coworker


Volunteered at Camp Pendleton through Operation Help a Hero to help prepare the barracks for 700 marines / soldiers returning home from a 6 month deployment


Stood in line at Walmart for a half hour with one girl in front of me. She told me her transaction would take a long time. I have nowhere to be and didn't care. She was buying baby food with WIC checks. Someone actually using it for what it should be used for. She ended up putting about 10 items back. I told the cashier not to let her leave I wanted to buy those 10 items of baby formula and baby food for her. The girl cried and gave me the biggest hug. The cashier cried. I cried.


Made a donation to MADD


Tried to save a life... and I will leave it at that.

100 more RAOKs to go and I will hit my 2,015 RAOKs in 2015!!!!!